Whenever you feel vulnerable is when you usually start to think your more negative thoughts which is (by the way) a very normal human response when you are feeling vulnerable. However, those negative thoughts will cause you to feel dis-ease (which can cause REAL physical disease) and discomfort (emotionally, mentally & physically). When you continue to keep thinking those negative thoughts….one after the other, one after the other and so on is when your life will be filled with more and more problems such as heart ache, ill health, lack of confidence….etc. where you will continue to experience your vulnerability.

It is when you finally realize that you are bigger and much more powerful than any of those negative thoughts you were thinking. It is also when you realize that YOU are in control of your conscious choice or decision to stop thinking in a negative spiraling pattern.

Thoughts are energy which have magnetism to them so with every thought whether negative or positive they will attract more and more of the same.

It is stated in “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks that within 17 seconds of focusing on a thought a matching vibration will start to activate. The longer you focus or put your attention on the more positive thought the more the new positive thought will become activated. Furthermore, if you can focus and place your attention on that thought for at least 68 seconds that the thought will NOW start to actually manifest!!