We all at one time or another have felt like a “Rainbow in the Dark” where we feel like we don’t “belong” or “fit in”.

As human beings or embodied souls we ALL at one time or another have felt where we “don’t fit in” or “don’t belong”. The reason why is that from the moment when we are born unto this earth we are systematically trained and/or conditioned to enter into a “group reality” or a “consensus agreement”. These collective agreements stem from family beliefs or practices and from societal beliefs or practices from the collective whole from which we call this earth. We are and have been led to believe with pure intent from others who also have been systematically trained and/or conditioned to do the same. It has been this way for centuries. We are taught to view the world from outside ourselves and then reflect or perceive this outer world within ourselves when in fact it needs be the other way around. We all need to realize from within ourselves that WE create our own reality where we have well being, peace, abundance and harmony from the core of our very being then it will reflect in our outer world.

I see people as unique beautiful rainbows where we each have many different beautiful facets of colors like that are in a rainbow. We are born unto this earth as pure, unique individualized souls of the greater whole also known as the Universe. We are connected to “All That Is” which is everyone and everything. When we allow all energy to flow through us without ANY fear or resistance then we will ascend to a higher consciousness of well being. If you are willing (free will) to open yourself up to all that you can be, do or have then I can help you with techniques that you can take with you and use in your everyday life where it will change your life forever in the most positive way! It is my wish to help and touch as many people I can to help them on their journey to a new beautiful and wonderful life.

Love & Many Blessings,


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