Each and every one of us, have both light and dark (positive and negative) aspects within our self. When we truthfully acknowledge this to our self, we must ask our self do we want to place our focus on the light or the dark part of our self?

We as people are blessed with the freedom to choose how we think or feel, therefore the difference between someone who holds more light or holds more dark aspects within themselves boils down to choice.

We also must remember to not compare our self to others as we are all unique and are in different stages of growth and development.  In order to move forward and heal we must find it within our self to allow and forgive all, including trusting in our self that our intentions are good.

Allowing, forgiving and trusting are also a choice.

It is also a Universal Law that what you place your attention on, you will get more of.

So I ask again, what do you want to put your attention to, The Light or The Dark?

It sounds very simple and it is, however I also know that it can be very challenging or difficult to turn your focus to the light over the dark, when you have been placing your attention on the dark for a very long period of time.

At first it may indeed be challenging, however over time it DOES get easier!! If you decide shifting will be hard, it will be hard. If you decide that it is possible to shift more easily than you think, it will be easier for you.

It is my mission and purpose in life to help as many people who want to shift their attention on their light over their dark.

My Light Energy Transformation Coaching is based on tried and true techniques that over time will shift you more into the light where you will live a happier, healthier more joyful life.

If you would like to know more, Contact me at Laura@RainbowInTheDark.net.

Always holding immense love and light for all,