“Stress & Anxiety Relief” Meditation Audio Description

The thoughts and visions we repeat in our minds every day are like a mantra, which over time results in what we manifest into our physical reality. It has been scientifically proven we are able to retrain our brain over time to turn our negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns.

This guided meditation is designed to reach into our subconscious mind and retrain our brain to help alleviate our fears, limitations, and negative thinking with regard to; “stress and anxiety”. Using this guided meditation will help you to release stress, anxiety and panic. Over time this guided meditation will help you to control any anxiety, stress or panic you may have and in many cases alleviates your stress, anxiety and panic completely!!

Laura designs all of her guided meditations to be used at bedtime while falling asleep or during the day while meditating. It is important to listen to this recording for 40 consecutive days or longer, as it takes this amount of time to bring about lasting change in the subconscious mind. With repeated use, the positive suggestions that are heard will eventually become automatic behavior to your conscious mind, and then you WILL see powerful results in your waking life!!

Stress & Anxiety Relief Meditation Audio

by Laura Martino

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