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“Observe More, React Less” Meditation Audio Description

This meditation will help you to understand the value of your emotions, and overtime you will react less emotionally in your everyday life.

Whenever you practice positive thinking you are practicing affirmations. The main key to reprogramming the subconscious mind is to replace your negative thoughts and attitudes with new positive thoughts and new positive perspectives.

The thoughts and visions we repeat in our minds every day are like a mantra, which over time results in what we manifest into our physical reality. It has been scientifically proven we are able to retrain our brain over time to turn our negative thought patterns into positive thought patterns.

This guided meditation is designed to reach into our subconscious mind and will retrain your brain to help alleviate your fears, limitations, and negative thinking with regard to; ”how we see the world around us”. Using this guided meditation will help you to have less emotional reaction which gives way to more neutral observation when we are confronted by the world and by others.

I designed this guided meditation to be used at bedtime while falling asleep. However, it can be used during the day while meditating also. It is important to listen to this recording for at least 40 consecutive days, as it takes this amount of time to bring about lasting change in the subconscious mind. With repeated use, the positive suggestions and affirmations that are heard will eventually become automatic behavior to your conscious waking mind, and then you WILL see powerful results in your waking life!!

Holding Immense Light & Love for All,