Forgiveness Does Not Change The Past

To truly manifest what you want most you must be able to or willing to, release all your negative thoughts or negative feelings in any way that works for you. To unlearn what we have embraced through other people as our own thoughts or feelings. It is also imperative to not only forgive other people, but it’s even more important to forgive ourselves!!

Resolve, Dissolve, Evolve

Resolve, Dissolve, Evolve. When you resolve your issues or blocks they will dissolve into the light where you then are able to evolve and expand into an even higher conscious awareness.

Use Our Emotions as Tools for Creating our Life

Always remember that ALL of our emotions are tools for creating the life we want. We all came here to create the reality we want. NOT to deal with or control what we perceive or THINK we see or THINK we know is our supposed actual reality.

Whenever we see or perceive something that makes us feel bad, depressed, sad, angry etc. is when we STOP to appreciate what we are feeling (accept/allow the bad feeling) and re-create whatever it is for us to start feeling better. We then start with the opposite which is what we DO want.

When you “hate” or “don’t want” or “don’t like” something in your life, it is so very IMPORTANT to get out of that never ending rabbit hole and create what it is that you DO want with passion and feeling and to keep focusing on what you DO want only. 🙂

Bridging Realities

There are times in our lives when we all lose our connection to who we truly are inside our self. Keeping our true-authentic connection to who we really are is the most important thing we can do for ourselves. When we have this connection with our self we feel great!! We feel strong and know how powerful we are on the inside for our self. However, at times it can be very easy for us to be distracted from who we really are by others and our environment. That is why it is so important to live in the “NOW” moment where we can choose to reach for that good feeling thought instead of a defensive or explanatory explanation as to the why’s and how’s something has happened or not happened in our lives or with the world. When we do reach for our defensive thoughts, explanations or negative reasoning is when it usually stems from our past experiences.

What will happen if we keep looking in the rear view mirror while we’re driving and we’re not staying focused with what is going on right now in front of us? The answer is not only the obvious, “crash” it is also prolonging us to get to our desired destination. The same holds true if we continue to look to the past in the same way for our “NOW” answers in life.

Nothing in life has any meaning except the meaning “WE” give it. The meaning we associate or assign to something determines how we feel and ultimately how we will handle things throughout our life. When we look to our past it is based on our perceived perceptions of what we “THINK” is the truth.

For example, You had a conversation with someone in the past where they seemed mean or just didn’t care about what you had to say, most of us tend to think thoughts like: “Wow, this person really doesn’t care about me or what I have to say.” or ask ourselves “What did I do to deserve this?” or “This person is an idiot!”.  When we continue to view people, situations or communications from our past in this thought holding pattern (the past as we have perceived it to be) nothing will ever change and this will always be our reality. If you don’t like the way you are feeling about someone or something change how you are looking at them or the situation.

When we have any kind of communication with another person where they are responding to us in some way their response to us is either coming from;

  1. A loving place, or
  2. It’s a cry for help

The ONLY thing we really “know for certain in life” or can “control” is our self and how we react to the situations or communications in our life.

Also, what we place our attention on or keep asking for will continue to give us the same result, over and over and over again whether good or bad.

The key to living in the “NOW” moment is to first realize when we are thinking our negative thoughts from our past experiences or events. When we realize we are doing this, then it is time to start turning around  those thoughts to new more empowering positive thoughts. (Note:  empowering positive thoughts are “Not” just placing a “Happy” sticker on it and be done with it.) Empowering thoughts need to be realistic in nature where you feel and believe these new thoughts are very possible and believable.

For example, when we are remembering a situation from our past we can say to ourselves, “That was how I felt “THEN” and this is “NOW” and I now know people and situations DO change over time!!” We can also say to ourselves, “What is another way of looking at this situation?” or “Maybe I misunderstood what they meant?” If you can’t seem to find another way to look at the situation then go to that person and ask!! Go to them and ask things like, “I am not sure if I understood what you meant when you said …………?”or “Can you help me with something? I just wanted to make sure I fully understood what you were trying to say when we spoke the other day?” Most of the time these types of situations are just a simple miscommunication or the situation is being misinterpreted the wrong way. You may very well find that the situation you thought was not fixable can be fixed.

If however, you find that what you thought about a situation or a person is correct then look to see where they “are crying for help”. Negative emotions such as anger, revenge, hatred, rage and jealousy usually come from insecurity, guilt, unworthiness, fear and powerlessness which most likely started at the base of being hurt by someone or something in their past. When you realize this, you then can come to more of an understanding of why the situation or communication went the way it did with another person. That is NOT to say you accept or approve of another’s negative behavior or what has happened only that you NOW have more of an understanding and clarity about the situation or the communication. When you can accomplish understanding other people more is when your healing really begins!! 🙂

Your Only 17 Seconds Away From Starting To Feel Better!!

Whenever you feel vulnerable is when you usually start to think your more negative thoughts which is (by the way) a very normal human response when you are feeling vulnerable. However, those negative thoughts will cause you to feel dis-ease (which can cause REAL physical disease) and discomfort (emotionally, mentally & physically). When you continue to keep thinking those negative thoughts….one after the other, one after the other and so on is when your life will be filled with more and more problems such as heart ache, ill health, lack of confidence….etc. where you will continue to experience your vulnerability.

It is when you finally realize that you are bigger and much more powerful than any of those negative thoughts you were thinking. It is also when you realize that YOU are in control of your conscious choice or decision to stop thinking in a negative spiraling pattern.

Thoughts are energy which have magnetism to them so with every thought whether negative or positive they will attract more and more of the same.

It is stated in “Ask and it is Given” by Esther and Jerry Hicks that within 17 seconds of focusing on a thought a matching vibration will start to activate. The longer you focus or put your attention on the more positive thought the more the new positive thought will become activated. Furthermore, if you can focus and place your attention on that thought for at least 68 seconds that the thought will NOW start to actually manifest!!

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