Pure Positive Energy/Raise Your Vibration

It has been so great to see others coming together in support of everyone affected by hurricane Harvey down in Texas!! Some are donating their time, donating their money, praying or sending out their healing energy to them. When we all come together as a collective with pure positive love energy it can help heal the masses!!

However, I have also noticed that a few are criticizing on how it should be done. Please remember that God/Creative Source/Creator of All That Is, is a pure positive loving energy that holds compassion and love for ALL without judgement or criticism. When we as humans hold any judgement of others or criticize how something “should” be done we are only lowering the higher vibration of Love & Compassion that is being transmitted out there to help everyone down in Texas. <3

Electric Thoughts, Magnetic Emotions

Electric Thoughts, Magnetic Emotions

Quantum Science has proven that human emotions are so powerful that it not only has the ability to change the DNA inside of our bodies; it also affects the physical matter around us. In other words it DOES affect the people in the world around us.

Every thought we have, are patterns of electricity generated by the neurons in our brain.

However, the heart is 100 times stronger electrically than the brain. The heart is also up to 5000 times stronger than the brain magnetically!!

The human heart is also designed to change both;
the electrical field and the magnetic field within our body and within our world, and it does so in response with the emotions we create.

 Quantum Science has proven there is a “field of energy” that underlies all physical reality. These scientists have also shown that when we react strongly with emotion either positive or negative that it DOES affect this “field of energy”.

When we react with emotion to what we are observing, we add to the energy of which we are observing.

Anger breeds more Anger

Fear breeds more Fear

Hatred breeds more Hatred

Love breeds more Love

Appreciation breeds more Appreciation

Compassion breeds more Compassion

Even when we are not verbally communicating this, but are thinking this with emotionally reaction we are contributing to the whole of humanity.

Laura Martino


Offerings & Exchange



Hello All!

I am offering a free 30 minute light energy transformation session in exchange for a 30 minute interview call so that I can do some “ideal client research” for my energy coaching, energy healing business. I have been working as a light energy healer & light energy coach for the last 3 years, and I am now incorporating my hypnotherapy expertise into my packages so that I can create new amazing programs for both women and men. I am an expert in helping anyone who wants to discover and release their energy blocks that are holding them back from taking those necessary steps to move forward in their life or want have that successful business they are envisioning. The energy work I do with my clients is highly transformational!!

Who I am looking for:

Intuitive, spiritually aligned, and growth-oriented men & women who are ambitious healers, holistic practitioners, or coaches seeking professional success but are having a hard time making it happen at the level that they truly desire.

I will be asking specific questions related to your needs, wants, what you feel is holding you back, childhood, growth and business programs you have been involved in, etc.

Also, I want to include that I will have a reduced pricing package for anyone that wishes to go further with me, but I want to emphasize that this is NOT a sales call, and there is no pressure to buy into any of my services!!

If this is YOU, and you wish to receive some support, and help me out in return, please contact me at:




Tweet me @ https://twitter.com/Rainbowenrgheal

Message Me @ https://www.facebook.com/RainbowInTheDarkEnergyLifeCoachingAndEnergyHealing/

I am only offering this for a limited time, and it will be first come, first served.

Holding Immense Light & Love for All,


The Power of Choice


Each and every one of us, have both light and dark (positive and negative) aspects within our self. When we truthfully acknowledge this to our self, we must ask our self do we want to place our focus on the light or the dark part of our self?

We as people are blessed with the freedom to choose how we think or feel, therefore the difference between someone who holds more light or holds more dark aspects within themselves boils down to choice.

We also must remember to not compare our self to others as we are all unique and are in different stages of growth and development.  In order to move forward and heal we must find it within our self to allow and forgive all, including trusting in our self that our intentions are good.

Allowing, forgiving and trusting are also a choice.

It is also a Universal Law that what you place your attention on, you will get more of.

So I ask again, what do you want to put your attention to, The Light or The Dark?

It sounds very simple and it is, however I also know that it can be very challenging or difficult to turn your focus to the light over the dark, when you have been placing your attention on the dark for a very long period of time.

At first it may indeed be challenging, however over time it DOES get easier!! If you decide shifting will be hard, it will be hard. If you decide that it is possible to shift more easily than you think, it will be easier for you.

It is my mission and purpose in life to help as many people who want to shift their attention on their light over their dark.

My Light Energy Transformation Coaching is based on tried and true techniques that over time will shift you more into the light where you will live a happier, healthier more joyful life.

If you would like to know more, Contact me at Laura@RainbowInTheDark.net.

Always holding immense love and light for all,


Change Your Mind, Change Your Health


Change Your Mind, Change Your Health

Many of us expect a doctor and a pill to cure them of their ailments, ailments that are often preventable and aren’t always effectively treated with a pill. This type of mentality typically stems from a lack of knowledge about the tremendous healing capabilities of our bodies and our minds. The key to being healthy is to work with our innate wisdom, which requires maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but more so, with our emotional and psychological well being.

If we believe we aren’t going to feel better, we limit any possible solutions for becoming well. If we are caught up in a victim mentality and expect someone or something else to “fix” us, then we will never the take the necessary steps to improve our health and our life. Constantly identifying with illness and disease creates blinders to the blessings and positive aspects of health that exist in our life. Most healthy people I know are happy, and the ones that are not as healthy, usually have a relatively better quality of life when they have a positive attitude.

Stress is on the rise, and alcohol, tobacco, drugs and food are some of the ways in which people try to reduce the stress response. These unhealthy lifestyle behaviors are major contributing factors to the rising rates of chronic disease in our country. There is such a thing as healthy stress that protects us from danger, but if not dealt with appropriately, stress can take its toll on our bodies. Stress is our body’s response to input to our brain, which again is influenced by our perception and the way we think. Our bodies will react to our thoughts the same way they will react to a tiger that is attacking us. If our minds are caught up dwelling in the past or worrying about the future, we are constantly exposing ourselves to our body’s stress chemicals. It is only in the present moment that we can consciously control the stress response. This is why meditation and techniques such as EFT during hypnotherapy are so beneficial for keeping us in the present moment with consistent positive reinforcement for our health and for our life.

Thinking positively empowers us to be accountable for our lives and allows us to create healthy lifestyle choices. Being healthy requires self-appreciation, which is influenced by how we feel about ourselves. If we don’t value ourselves, we are less likely to prioritize our health. Positive thinking has been scientifically proven to decrease levels of stress hormones in the body. The meaning we give to how a treatment will affect us is validated through the placebo effect.

It’s also important to note that there is no wrong way to feel or think. People’s reality is filtered through their own lens of perception, which is different for everyone. Many of us have long-standing ways of doing things, and the good news is that we can always change habits. It’s about taking a step back and observing what kinds of thoughts we have about ourselves, and changing these thoughts if they are harming us in some way.

Your brain is constantly adapting and rewiring itself. Your thoughts and behaviors influence this process. If certain thoughts and behaviors are repeated often enough, a strong connection, also known as a neural pathway, is created.

Just think of your brain as a dynamic, connected power grid, with billions of roads and pathways lighting up every time you think, feel or do something. Some of these roads are well travelled. These are your habits; your established ways of thinking, feeling and doing. Every time you think in a certain way, practice a particular task, or feel a specific emotion, you strengthen this road, and it becomes easier for your brain to travel this pathway.

When you think about something differently, learn a new task, or choose a different emotion, you are carving out a new road. If you keep traveling that road, your brain begins to use this pathway more and this new way of thinking.  Feeling and doing becomes second nature. The old pathway becomes used less and less and it weakens. This process of rewiring your brain by forming new connections and weakening old ones is neuroplasticity in action.

One reason why it is so difficult to change the way you think, feel, and behave is that your beliefs and corresponding neural pathways have been formed early in life. They have been reinforced and strengthened, over and over again. In other words, your brain activity has carved out a deep and well traveled road. If that road remains and no new roads are built and strengthened, it is very difficult to change your ways, and you will easily fall back into old patterns. Creating and strengthening new, positive neural pathways is an essential part of achieving lasting change.

The good news is that we all have the ability to learn and change by rewiring our brains. If you have ever changed a bad habit, or thought about something differently, you have carved a new pathway in your brain, experiencing neuroplasticity firsthand. With repeated and directed attention towards your desired change, you can effectively rewire your brain to move forward and live a healthy, abundant life.

With just a few short sessions, Hypnotherapy can give you those permanent desired changes you are looking for!!

Click Here If you would like to speak with me more on how Hypnotherapy can help you permanently change your health and your life for the better.

I look forward to hearing from you!!

My mission and passion is to help as many people who want to improve their health and their life in a positive healthy way!!

Holding Love, Light & Appreciation for All,

Laura Martino

Our Children Are Born Into This World….


Our Children Are Born Into This World, Through Us, Not From Us. If you truly hold the belief that our children are a gift from “God” or “Creator of All That Is”, then it must stand to reason that we as parents do not own our children. We as parents are here to help with their transition here on earth with guidance, love and support for their greater purpose of why they are here.

Magnetize What You Want To Manifest Most!! Conference Call


I am hosting another “Magnetize What You Want To Manifest Most” Conference Call tomorrow January 27th at 1PM Eastern. Hope you are able to attend!!

Wednesday January 27th, 2016

1:00 PM Eastern Time (ET)


 Participant Code 700289#

There will be a guided meditation and an Angel Card Reading on the call!!

The International Numbers for the call are:

Argentina +54 (0) 11 5235-4340
Australia +61 (0) 3 8672 0105
Belgium +32 (0) 4 244 10 83
Brazil +55 21 2391-6538
Bulgaria +359 (0) 2 495 1536
Cambodia +855 (0) 96 696 7689
Canada (605) 562-3162
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China +86 (0) 510 6801 0120
Costa Rica +506 4000 3889
Croatia +385 (0) 1 8000 053
Cyprus +357 77 788855
Denmark +45 78 77 21 83
Dominican Republic (829) 999-2540
Estonia +372 614 8065
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Georgia +995 (0) 706 777 065
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Guatemala +502 2458 1424
Hungary +36 1 987 6803
Iceland +354 539 0324
Indonesia +62 (0) 21 51388880
Ireland +353 (0) 1 437 2298
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Italy +39 011 092 0917
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Lithuania +370 (8) 46 268615
Luxembourg +352 20 30 10 07
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