Electric Thoughts, Magnetic Emotions

Quantum Science has proven that human emotions are so powerful that it not only has the ability to change the DNA inside of our bodies; it also affects the physical matter around us. In other words it DOES affect the people in the world around us.

Every thought we have, are patterns of electricity generated by the neurons in our brain.

However, the heart is 100 times stronger electrically than the brain. The heart is also up to 5000 times stronger than the brain magnetically!!

The human heart is also designed to change both;
the electrical field and the magnetic field within our body and within our world, and it does so in response with the emotions we create.

 Quantum Science has proven there is a “field of energy” that underlies all physical reality. These scientists have also shown that when we react strongly with emotion either positive or negative that it DOES affect this “field of energy”.

When we react with emotion to what we are observing, we add to the energy of which we are observing.

Anger breeds more Anger

Fear breeds more Fear

Hatred breeds more Hatred

Love breeds more Love

Appreciation breeds more Appreciation

Compassion breeds more Compassion

Even when we are not verbally communicating this, but are thinking this with emotionally reaction we are contributing to the whole of humanity.

Laura Martino