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Any thought (positive or negative) we continue to think repeatedly overtime becomes part of our belief system. Sometimes we do this consciously and sometimes we do this unconsciously without realizing it.

Obviously when we think and feel positive thoughts we are living a positive more happy life.

However, when we continue to think and feel hurtful or harmful thoughts they become more & more of our reality where we have sadness, anxiety, anger, frustration, doubt & get overwhelmed just to name a few.

It is well documented that 10 percent of our brain activity is where our conscious awareness comes from and approximately 90 percent comes from our sub-conscious mind.

The science community has shown that most of our decisions, actions, emotions and behaviors depend on the 90 percent of our sub-conscious mind. Which means approximately 90 percent of your life comes from the programming inside your subconscious mind.

Our subconscious programming starts from when we were very small children so there are very many subconscious beliefs we are totally unaware of.

It’s not easy to access the unconscious beliefs by yourself. The mind does everything it can to protect its self. After all it’s worked really hard to collect evidence and matching beliefs that support its “known reality” and locks them away like treasure in a chest, buried deep in the ocean.

You need a guide. Someone skilled at navigating the unconscious so you can easily locate the “buried treasure”, bring it to the surface, release the negative thoughts and feelings that are harmful to you and call those unwanted unconscious beliefs into the light where they can easily be “dis-proven”.

During your session you will find out why, and where your buried unwanted emotions and feelings are coming from, so you can easily release and clear them, which will give you greater power over any anxiety, anger or stress you have been experiencing.

It is my personal mission to help empower each and every-one of my clients who are ready to take the next steps necessary to live a happy healthy life!!!

Holding Immense Light & Love for All,



Carl Cox/CarlCoxStudios, Rosendale, NY

Before my first session with Laura Martino, I was lost and full of self-doubt, lonely and questioning whether I should push my new business forward or give up for a job in corporate America. Our conversation quickly went from business to how I spoke about my life and business. Laura patiently worked with me during that first call, walking me through identifying how my language about my life was helping to pull me down and worse, put negative energy out into the universe.

That simple conversation changed how I spoke about myself, and my life which helped me attract like minded people.

And thinking about attraction, on a different call Laura walked me through creating a desire statement. I dreaded the thought, but she walked me through the process and in the matter of an hour, I was on my way to creating my mantra.

Working with Laura changed my focus by changing my language. I paid better attention to how I spoke, which changed the people (and attitudes) that I attracted into my life.

Not sure Laura can help you? Does this sound a little to “woo-woo” for you? Don’t wait! Make the call and get your free consultation today and you could be surprised at how simple adjustments (guided by Laura’s kindness and wisdom) can help discover you’re happier than you know.

Dear Laura,
    Thank you so much for your energy and insight and beautiful hypnotherapy work with me.
You are a  very supportive, encouraging and gifted healer, and
I really appreciate the vibrations of love and light you shared with me! 
I know we will stay connected and share much more in days to come.    Love, Kiki 
Kiki Cardarelli, Bellingham,WA
I was very happy with Laura’s hypnotherapy. Her approach was very comfortable,
and I felt very supported and safe. She listened carefully and guided me to achieve a
breakthrough in emotional trauma. The peace and lightness I experienced has
proved to be a long-lasting result.

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